No-Recipe Recipe for BBQ Chicken in the Oven

Do you remember playing Mad Scientist in the bath tub as a kid?  You'd mix all of the shampoos and bodywashes up in a small container, and your mom would perhaps get a teeny bit upset if you dumped all of her special bath washes into the cup only to meet a watery fate down the drain.  I not only did this in the tub as a kid, I did it with all of the condiments in the door of the fridge to make BBQ sauce.  You name it: ketchup, mustard, garlic, brown sugar, soy sauce -- the list goes on.  My mom would call out what goes in next, and in no time I was making BBQ sauce that rivaled any storebought sauce and I was only 11.   We'd pour this sauce -- which was always different-- all over chicken thighs or wings and bake it until it fell apart, and we'd spoon the chicken and pan juices over white rice.  To this day it's my favorite comfort meal of all time.  Last night I had every intention of making this slow cooked meal, but just plum ran out of time.  I wondered how I could use these chicken thighs and BBQ sauce and be feeding something not bland and boring to my hungry boys in 30 minutes.  I cranked the oven up to 425 and a weeknight star was born!   


Line a baking sheet with foil and pre-heat your oven to 425 f.  Place a cookie cooling rack on top of the sheet and lay up to 12 room temp chicken thighs on top, salt and pepper the chicken.  Baste every 10 minutes with your favorite BBQ sauce and cook for 30 minutes.  You'll get carmelized, juicy, flavorful chicken!  Try it, serve with rice and steamed broccoli.  You've got a family fav.