Sour Dough Pancakes

Sour Dough pancakes are a unique and traditional way to liven up your pancake game!  All you need is a sour dough starter (I used the instructions via  you just mix equal parts by volume of water & flour and feed it the same equal parts daily, loosely covered and on day 5 or 6 boom!  Sourdough starter:).   


Sour Dough Pancakes


2 cups ripe Sour Dough Starter follow instructions in link above

1 cup of flour  

1 egg

2 tbsp. Sugar  

2 tbsp. melted butter

1/2 cup milk

1 tsp baking powder

butter for frying the cakes  


Heat a skillet to medium heat and melt a bit of butter in the pan.   Pour 1/2  Cup servings of batter into the hot pan and cook 2-3 minutes per side.  Wait until tiny bubbles apear to flip!  Top with more butter, fresh whipped cream and berries for a unique treat!