"MOM"osa Bar for Mother's Day

To mother is to care for a person, to set self aside and think of everyone else’s needs before your own; to remind yourself it’s okay to take the time you need to recharge. It’s funny because every mother I’ve ever met rarely thinks of the time she’s giving to her family. She never thinks of the sacrifice. It’s part of the game.

My sister Jenny embodies the very idea of motherhood. She gives of herself endlessly and for everyone she’s ever met, really. She is a pre-school teacher and works full time. Morning classes and PM classes. She has four of her own babies, and she goes to school at night. She’s a loving wife and incredible employee. When you give so much normally, some other area inevitably suffers, but not for Jenny. She is in a room for all of five minutes and it’s tidy. Her kids’ lunches are creative. Her house is very clean and her students adore her. Her effort is like nothing I’ve ever seen. She’s a gift.

I’m more of a force of nature, and my house is rarely clean. Jenny reminds me that it can be easy if you just work as you go. She’s organized and sharp and is the kind of mother I want to be. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff and helps me tremendously even when running her own busy home and life.

This Mother’s Day, I bought her a garden. I don’t know who’s going to install it yet, but those are minor details, right? I’ve got the soil on schedule for delivery, and the materials for the raised beds on order. I’m just the vision guy. A wild and beautiful garden is just who Jenny is – blooming, giving, feeding, and nurturing.

A garden is the epitome of the picture of motherhood. You work tirelessly to weed and turn up the ground and plant seeds and care as they grow. Happy Mother’s Day. Make a mimosa bar and enjoy the care givers, the nurturers, the givers in your life. I’ll post up pictures as soon as it’s installed. 

How to make a mimosa bar!

      I.        Get your favorite champagne or sparkling wine.

     II.        Choose the fruit juice mix-ins. I selected 3 fruit nectars on top of the fresh orange juice: guava, mango, and passion fruit. The nectars come in a can and look like this.

    III.        Slice several fresh fruits. Choose berries and melons, anything goes!

   IV.        Get some colorful straws and fresh mint.

    V.        Set everything up on the counter or table in pretty glass bowls and containers. Mason jars are my fav!

Have fun with this, it’s meant to be fun, and most of all it’s perfect for all the ladies in your life!